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Badge(r)s (Unreleased) [free]

This is a location based game about collecting Badges, Quadrants and Regions.

Throughout the game every player acts as both a creator of a series of badges and collector.

NOTE 1: This is kind of "double testing". We test stability and performance of our app and servers, but we also test the game itself. Rules might change over time, new

feature might be added or occasionally removed. We appreciate any feedback or suggestions.

NOTE 2: We have implemented a passcode mechanism: You need a code to fully activate the app after installation. There is plenty of space for testers, so currently we send

a code to your GMail after first app start. Thank you for your understanding and patience!

NOTE 3: While you do not need to ever meet other players, this game is still about player to player interaction. Since we are currently only a few players, you need

testers creativity or friends you can talk into joining this test, to actually experience this.

Badges are (virtual) items they come in different colours and levels, beautified with artwork. They are all either on the map or in a players collection.

Unlike most location based games Badge(r)s is meant to be casual play. Play as often as you want, but no need to grind. You can play whenever you wait, be it at the bus

stop, in a traffic jam or waiting for your dentist. But you can also play it in movement, play it while you walk, hike or bike, just pass by and act without


Put your daily new badges in favourite places in town, find other players places by locating their badges. Collect as many different badges as you can.

Badge(r)s features a skill system in the form of "special badges" allowing to specialize in roles.

Be sure to visit our site http://www.badge-r-s.de and Wiki http://www.badge-r-s.de/wiki

"Planned" Features (We have no real schedule, but quite some ideas, some of the more prominent ones):

- In game chat to negotiate group session or player to player trades.

- Statistics, we can do many, many, many statistics.

- BadgeMatch a duel ladder for teams of different players badges.

- Creating party badges as in game items to share between players.
  • Badge(r)s (Unreleased)
  • 5.63 MB
  • 2021-09-21
  • 4.2 o superiore
  • de.spieleck.app.badgers
Scarica Badge(r)s (Unreleased)

Ultima versione:

Requisito: 4.2 o superiore

tempo aggiornato: 2021-09-21

Scarica (5.63 MB)

Scarica Badge(r)s (Unreleased)

Ultima versione:

Requisito: 4.2 o superiore

tempo aggiornato: 2021-04-10

Scarica (10.28 MB)

Scarica Badge(r)s (Unreleased)

Ultima versione:

Requisito: 4.2 o superiore

tempo aggiornato: 2021-01-30

Scarica (10.22 MB)

Scarica Badge(r)s (Unreleased) 0.7.7

Ultima versione: 0.7.7

Requisito: 4.2 o superiore

tempo aggiornato: 2018-03-26

Scarica (14.05 MB)

Scarica Badge(r)s (Unreleased)

Ultima versione:

Requisito: 4.2 o superiore

tempo aggiornato: 2018-02-26

Scarica (14.06 MB)

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