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Puzzle Blocks with boosts is the hit of 2021. The legendary block puzzle game in your smartphone! Download blocks game for free in one click!
Does everyone remember Tetris? The block game reminds the classic Tetris games. The only difference is that in a block puzzle, you don’t drop the block. All you need to do
is drag them to the playing field and match blocks.
Unlike most classic block puzzles, in Puzzle Blocks with boosts, you can join blocks and rotate them however you want.
The classic brick puzzle games are incredibly fascinating! You need to think about how to place the pieces on the playing field. Free block puzzle games are perfect for
brain exercising. The brick classic puzzle games are definitely more useful than mindlessly flipping through your social media feed.
How to play the bricks puzzle?
Your goal is to score as many points as possible by filling rows of bricks vertically, horizontally or in a 3X3 square.
The puzzle block game pumps your brain with each new level. Crush block puzzles, set records and get smarter!
Choose one of the three pieces and drag it to the field.
Remove blocks by collecting a complete row vertically or horizontally.
Try to remove several lines at a time to get a higher score.
Use boosts to make room on the field or replace pieces.
The push block puzzle will end if there is no room for extra blocks.
Block puzzle features:
✅ Daily bonuses to help you score more points.
✅ Incredible boosts: bomb, Joker, shuffle, turn, and piece swap.
✅ Puzzle blocks can work without the Internet.
✅ Simple block game without a time limit. Play as long as you like.
✅ Block game automatically saves your progress. You'll see your best score when entering the blocks crush game. Can you beat yourself?
When to play?
The break block puzzle is suitable for any situation. To pass the time on the road, to clear your mind after a busy day, or when you just want to enjoy an interesting but
simple block match game. Free block puzzle games will bring fun at any time.
We don't stop developing our app! Write a review, it's invaluable help from our players to help make Puzzle blocks with boosts better!
Are you ready to train your brain? Take a break and enjoy a block puzzle Puzzle Blocks with boosts!

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