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This is a powerful application that allows you to replace your camera with a video of your choice.
It can be used as a live broadcast assistant, such as using local movies as live broadcast content.
It can also be used to prevent certain apps from taking photos maliciously.
Scenes to be used:
1. Protect camera privacy and prevent malicious sneak shots from certain applications.
2. Live Assistant. Similar to OBS, but possibly better than OBS, it can be used for live streaming platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, etc., achieving 24-hour live
What should you do if your app doesn't want to be run in VCamera?
The core of VCamera uses a virtual machine, so you can detect whether the app is running in the virtual machine. Detection code and detection demo are provided on
Please strictly comply with laws and regulations. It is strictly prohibited to use this app for any illegal activities, otherwise the consequences will be borne by oneself.
And once discovered, your VIP will be immediately cancelled.
Key Features:
1. Support replacing the camera with a photo.
2. Support replacing the camera with video.
3. Support to replace the camera with network video.
4. Support resizing video, rotating, moving, zooming, flipping, etc.
About User Data Security
VCamera is an absolutely secure application that does not contain any viruses and does not store or upload any user data.
It's a very amazing app, download and experience it now!

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