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ADcall Software management technical assistance Software call management and technical assistance. WHO IS IT Instal

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Mobile application designed to display the shift schedule from the ShiftMaster program.

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Turkey's entertainment center. In this application: You can have news about Playland campaigns and announcements, You can check how much time you have

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Mark absence and presence through app

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"Sahel" application is a unified government application for electronic services of various government agencies, through which citizens and residents p

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ITA’s mobile app for anti-doping personnel to efficiently collect and securely share notifications.

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This application is a comprehensive maintenance and ticket management solution for the packaging industry allowing effective collaboration between (Eq

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My Portal allows employees to have quick and easy access to HR-related transactions and services that HR personnel would otherwise have to provide. Em

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Structured: Your all-in-one day planner, combining calendar, to-do list, and habit tracker into a single visual timeline. The No. 1 most downloaded da

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Bienvenue sur l'application Laval Virtual, le 1er événement dédié aux technologies Immersives (réalité virtuelle, réalité augmentée) depuis 1999 ! Grâ

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You want a notepad free to keep notes and take good notes? You want a free note-taking app to take notes and to-do lists? You want a sticky notes widg

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Voice Transcriber is a speech to text app that transcribes meetings, class, audio, and voice to text! Use an automatic transcription app to take meeti

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“Life Time Keeper now offers a much more comfortable user experience.” (Thanks for all your feedback!) ■ One-Touch Daily Planner - Schedule creation w

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GestionHumana has available to employees: - Visualization of documents. - Signing of documents.

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Download the SETAR App and simplify your bundle purchases. SETAR App features: • View current usage • View prepaid / hybrid balance • Buy prepaid data

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UIDAI's FaceRD (Register Device) is a headless or icon less B2B app which works in tandem with AUA/KUA (Authentication User Agency / KYC User Agency)

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RAOT GIS is an application for managing rubber plantation plots to facilitate operators and farmers in surveying and drawing. Plot a rubber plantation

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Welcome to Battery Full Charge Alarm, the must-have Android app that ensures you're always in control of your device's battery life. Never miss the pe

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Unleash the innovative potential of decentralised incentivised infrastructure.

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Vehicle registration. Service registration. Entry and exit control.

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